Customers and portfolio

NPRC annually transports around 7 million tons of dry cargo over the European waterways with a fleet of approximately 90 inland barges with a combined tonnage of 175,000 tons.

Devotis develops and maintains a Customer portal and advises on operational and strategic ICT policy to improve collaboration between stakeholders of NPRC.

Leads to Loyals is a result-driven team of professionals driven to deliver loyalty (marketing) solutions that meet and exceed today’s customer needs.

Devotis develops, maintains and advises on IT marketing platforms hosted by Leads to Loyals for their customers since January 2012. Customers include Staatsbosbeheer, Golden Tulip, and Michelin.

Compera streamlines procurement processes in SAP

Devotis adds custom functionality using Javascript to several SAP SRM User Interface Add-On implementations @ SUEZ, NS, USG People, Universiteit Leiden en Sint Anna Ziekenhuis.

e-Village masters in email marketing

Devotis provided consultancy on Ext JS and co-developed during the port of Clang 2.0 (using the dojo framework) to Clang 3.0 (using Ext JS 6). Clang is a large scale web application for digital marketing.

Le PEP feminine dresses with French elegance and a hint of cool.

Devotis advised Le Pep with deciding on its webshop software in 2012 Q2. In July 2012 Le PEP switched to Google Apps for Business. Configuration and training were provided by Devotis.

ID Factory is a full service online marketing agency combining knowledge of online marketing and social media with CRM strategies with demonstrated and proven value add. ID Factory is one of the leading full service online marketing agencies in The Netherlands.

Dedicated Marketing is a marketing services company.

Devotis provides consultancy on Google Apps and Marketing automation.

Holda Handelsonderneming since 1990 the specialist in machinery, tools and workshop equipment in The Netherlands

Devotis configured, migrated and trained Holda to Google Apps for Business in September 2012.

Insightera is the first learning B2B personalization platform. With Insightera you engage your top-funnel prospects in real-time, while they are onsite and attentive

Devotis advised and trained a team of developers to enable them to migrate their platform to use the Ext JS library using Sencha Architect.

Nili concept agency, copywriter, and developer of innovative services and products.

Devotis configured, migrated and trained Nili to Google Apps for Business in August 2012.