My availability

I’m currently not available. Contact me for freelance work starting in 2019, provided that no more than 16 hours per week suffices. And it has to be located in or very near Rotterdam.

With ongoing other freelance projects, a family with 3 kids and plenty of hobbies, I have an interest in using my time efficiently. For me, that means not spending an hour or more on the road each day. That means that I usually don’t take any freelance jobs outside of Rotterdam.

Thank you for not bothering me about permanent jobs, work in Amsterdam or JAVA development. I’m not interested.

I do take great interest in building data-driven web applications that deliver as much business value as possible in changing environments.

Roles I take on are Full Stack Developer/Engineer, Web/API Developer, Javascript Expert, SQL Server Specialist, Marketing Technologist and Product Owner.

About the picture - It’s a view from a train in Switzerland - I find it difficult to come up with quality photos of work related to me that won't bore the viewer. Instead, I'll show you random pictures I took during times that I didn't work.